The next day class went out into the field, Albert Morita teaches the basics of land survey with compass and GPS as a means of locating Lāna'i's historic ahupua'​a boundaries.  

Simon Tajiri, photos. September 6th & 7th, 2013

Albert's work is based off the years of research by Kepā and Onaona Maly, and their transcriptions of the Land Boundary Commission Surveys of the late 1800s.

These documents are available to the public on our web-site at this link:

As part of Kupaʽa No Lānaʽi's "Ahupuaʽa: The Living Community" series and the Lānaʽi Culture & Heritage Center's "E ‘Ike Hou Iā Lānaʽi" Native Hawaiian Education Grant history and archaeology programs, Lānaʽi Culture & Heritage Center's Board President Albert Morita spoke to a full-house on Friday (Sept. 6, 2013)  about his work rediscovering boundary points of Lānaʽi's ahupuaʽa.

LĀNA‘I ahupua‘a boundaries