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Lāna‘i Archive Resources

Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center maintains a growing collection of more than 40,000 items which help tell the story of Lāna‘i and the many people who have called the island home. The collections are still being catalogued with indices and finding aids being developed. In 2017-2019 The Hawai‘i State Legislature Grant-in-Aid program provided funding to engage in a major conservation program, including providing online access to many of our archival resources.

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Pine Parade Newspaper

Click below to view digitized versions illustrating facets of plantation life from 1948-1952.



Lānaʻi Survey Collection

Lāna‘i CHC contracted certified archivist Helen Wong Smith to conduct activities in conservation and collection arrangement.

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Lānaʻi Land Records

Click below to learn about the Great Māhele, Boundary Commission Proceedings On The Island Of Lāna‘i and more!

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