Mahalo for comments made on our Facebook page, Marylynne Urpanil-loughran, Papa Al Ama, Jan Miyashiro, Ralph Nakamoto and Lon Luna (Tobin Yanagawa's grandson) for helping us identify everyone in this photograph. If you have additional information please contact us. (DelRosario_Feb_27_2017_4)

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Mahalo Facebook comments made by Ghee Moon, Mzbernz Forevamore & Darren Lopez for helping provide the names of people in this photograph, Any corrections and additional names please let us know. (DelRosario_Feb_27_2017_7)

Mahalo Everett Cabinalla for identifying Mr. Albert Murota, FFA advisor in 1964. Papa Al Ama and Soon Yai Amaral, Michael Kawasaki and Darren Lopez for identifying the rest in photograph. Mahalo to Mapuana Soriano for location comment, "Taken at the old airport terminal Quonset hut." (DelRosario_Feb_27_2017_2)

Mahalo Ghee Moon on Facebook and Soon Yai Amaral for identifying Joe Felipe and Bob Hera in this photograph. (DelRosario_Feb_27_2017_12)

Lāna'i memories. Aurelio Del Rosario Collection. Mahalo Soon Yai Amaral for helping identify those in this photo and Juan Degamo for comment on Facebook. (A_Del_Rosario_Coll_Aug_5_2016_3)

Please contact us if you recognize anyone not identified in these photographs or if corrections and updates are needed. Let us know photograph number.