Mahalo Ricky Tamashiro, Lynette Kaopuiki, Juan Degamo, Butch Gima, Sam Dimaya and Albert Morita for sharing your memories of helping us identify people in this photograph. If anyone notices any errors we can correct and update. We have many more pictures and hope you will continue to share your memories with us.

December 9, 2015 - Notes per Albert Morita - "On the Ag Engineering photo in the Pineapple room. In the back row is a "Toyoji Morita"  it  should be "Toyoki Morita".   Toyoki is also in the lineup of cowboys at Koele, between Sam Koa and James Kauila. The 1940 Census lists Toyoki as a truck driver with a wife Setsu and daughter Sumiko.  Bob Hobdy told me that Toyoki's nickname was  "Kikania"  for  his ability to stick on a bucking horse.

Notes per Alan Yagi via e-mail - February 9, 2016 "Speaking of Toyoji Morita, it is him that is identified as Toyoki Morita in recent photos posted in the current Del Rosario Collection. Toyoji If I recall correctly is the one "Morita Trail" in the Polihua area is name after since he used to fish for ulua there often.  

There was also a Toyoki Morita that if I remember correctly was known as "Kane - Kane" Morita and lived on  Ilima Ave. across the street from the company warehouse section. He is also in the picture of paniolos on page 110-111 in George Munro's "Story of Lanai". What I remember of him - He was one of the people that helped George Munro plant a lot of the added foliage on Lanaihale and documented not only the added ones but also the native ones in notebooks at his home even the 1960's. I had been privileged to have gotten an impromtu "personal tour" of the foliage the length of the Lanaihale trail by him when goat hunting my sophomore of junior year. He knew all of the plants by their scientific, English and Hawaiian names from memory off the top of his head. He was a welder in the company shop and was a member of the Lanai Gun Club with Ju Nakamoto, Dionisio Rabbon, Uncle Lloyd Cockett, Kiichi Takahama (police lieutanant). I don't remember him having a family but although I don't remember her, according to a genealogical website, he had a wife Setsu and a daughter Sumiko who I think I recall visited him once that I know of."

Mahalo for sharing your memories with us.

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Mahalo Albert Morita, Juan Degamo, Tami Baird and "CO" Oshiro. Mahalo for sharing your memories and helping us to identify this “Experimental” Department photograph.Albert shares this photograph was taken in the bowling alley probably in the mid 50s.
Tami Baird, “Nobu Ohara, second from left; top row (my uncle).”

Juan Degamo: “Thank you Tami. I only knew your Uncle simply as "Nobu". And now the last name Ohara rings a bell. I've noticed the lady in the picture holding a placard that reads EXPERIMENTAL. And that's the department Nobu worked in throughout his longtime career with Dole. I even remember being chosen to work with him a time or two in that department where we would size and weigh the fruit out in the pineapple fields. Nobu was also very good with children. He'd always take boys on fishing and camping trips in the 70's. Nobu was a good man. The house that he lived in still stands on Houston Street.”
Tami Baird, “thank you for sharing. Yes, my (great) uncle (he's my Mom's, mother's brother) was a leader with the Boy Scouts and he loved teaching and sharing the beauty of the island with the youth of Lanai. Our family owns the other Ohara house (myuncle Toru) across the street from Uncle Nobu's house on Houston. Lanai is a special place, it holds a special place in my family's heart. My Mom is a Nishimura, another family with strong ties to the beautiful island of Lanai!”
Juan Degamo: “Yes, being a Down Camp kid living on Jasmine Drive, going to school, instead of going straight up Ilima Avenue, we sometimes used to cut down 11th Street and turn right up Houston pass your Uncle's house. I still remember the Rosie Apple tree in his front yard. Oh and of course the two TALKING mynah birds next door at the Higaki's house.” Del Rosario Collection (DelRosario_2015_42) — Mahalo from the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center.

Please contact us if you recognize anyone that is not identified in these historic photographs.

historic photographs from the aurelio Del Rosario collection

Mahalo Matthew Mano, Albert Morita, Warren Osako, Faith Tamashiro, Ermelita Oliva and Creighton Nobui for helping to identify those in this airport photograph. If you recognize anyone else please let us know on our Facebook page. Any thoughts on approximate year? Albert Morita also shares, “Jimmy Nishimura, Richard Tamashiro and others look like they are wearing Lions Club caps. Woman next to Jimmy Nishimura looks like an airline stewardess, travel case and all! Her lei looks like ‘ākulikuli, not sure what other lei may be.” Faith Tamashiro shares, “Stewardess is my Aunty Lety Quintal, she was also Miss Filipina Hawaii back then.” Per Ermelita Oliva – Man in back of Mr. Mitsunaga looks like Mr. Gabriel who use to own the Dry Cleaners, Tammy Gabriel’s grandfather. Per Creighton Nobui, man behind Tamo is Mr. Gabriel, Tammy Gabriel Sanches' grandpa who used to run the dry cleaners at what is now Blue Ginger. Del Rosario Collection (DelRosario_2015_6)

Mahalo Warren Osako, “CO” Oshiro, Brad & Didi Oshiro, Juan Degamo, Lynette Kaopuiki and Albert Morita for helping us identify most of the volleyball team members. Brad shares his Dad thought they were called “The Harbor Gang.” When asked if “Kaaikala” was Ben? Here is reply from Lynette Kaopuiki: 'A'ole, it's Ben's makuakane. Oh! I just remembered, his name is Martin.” Albert Morita shares: "Kimokeo" is Alfred Kimokeo,  I think Alfred is musician Barry Kimokeo's grandfather. 

Please let us know if you recognize anyone else, only one more not identified in this picture. Del Rosario Collection (DelRosario_2015_4) — Mahalo from the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center.