After introductions, we returned to camp, and the students completed organizing camp and then engaged in workshops, reading historical accounts from Lāna‘i sharing stories of ancient seafarers and our living ocean environment. In the evening, Uncle Kepā shared traditions of Hawaiian navigators and storied places of Lāna‘i, also answering questions by the canoe ‘ohana from Kīhei and San Diego.


June 26, 2017 Day 11– hulopo‘e beach camp for the week with hui o wa‘a kaulua -- mo‘okiha o pi‘ilani — E ‘Ike Hou iā Lāna‘i — Cultural Literacy Initiative

In addition to our Lāna‘i group, 60 youth paddlers and family members from the Kīhei  and San Diego Canoe Clubs joined us Monday through Wednesday for canoeing activities to learn some of the traditions from Lāna‘i.

At 9:45a, Kumu Kimokeo Kapahulehua called to let us know that the wa‘a kaulua (double hulled sailing canoe) Mo‘okiha o Pi‘ilani was near Mānele Harbor. 60 of us went to Mānele and greeted the canoe ‘ohana led by Ho‘okele (Captain) Timmy Gilliom  and Kilo Hōkū (Navigator) Pā‘anakalā Babayan Tanaka. The wa‘a and crew landed at about 10:30a. We exchanged mele and lei, and got to know one another. The lines below, have been composed to commemorate our first sighting of Mo‘okiha o Pi‘ilani and her crew—

‘Akāhi ho‘i au a e ‘ike maka
I ka lele mālie a ka wa’a kaulua
O Mo‘okiha o Pi‘ilani
I ke kōwā kai o Naehehe.

Ua launa mai ka ho‘okele
Me ke kilo a me ka ‘ohana wa‘a
Ma Kaululā‘au me ka
Lokomaika’i palena ‘ole
No ka ‘ohana keiki a Lāna‘i… a’ole i pau.



E lauhoe mai nā wa‘a… pae aku i ka ‘āina… (Paddle the canoe together, to land on shore).


7:30 a.m. We loaded up the trucks with supplies, camping gear, program equipment, work books,  and participants, and headed down to Hulopo‘e Beach. Uncles Albert Morita, Warren Morita and Robin Kaye, along with Ikaika Ramones, Simon Tajiri and Shelly Kaleialoha Preza set up the camp kitchen tents. Aunty Pam Pili Alconcel and family organized menu and snacks, and our cooks were ready to feed 70-plus students, staff and ‘ohana who came to help.




Wa‘a (Canoe and Navigation) and Marine Science Week – E ‘ike Hou iā Lāna‘i participants were joined by 28 younger Lāna‘i students and family members with the Kāna‘i Kanaloa learning initiative. Mahalo plenty to the Hulopo‘e Beach Park Staff and Lāna‘i ‘ohana made pre-camp set up run smoothly.