The morning started with a trip through Ka‘ā Ahupua‘a, with visits to Kānepu‘u (the hill), Keahiakawelo, and a walk through a section of the Kānepu‘u forest preserve.




July 6, 2017 Day 18 — E ‘Ike Hou iā Lāna‘i — Cultural Literacy Initiative

Huaka‘i to Kānepu‘u and Keahiakawelo, Project and Mural Development E ‘Ike Hou iā Lāna‘i Cultural Literacy Initiative with Kāna‘i Kanaloa Haumāna


Visiting with volunteers at the dry-forest preserve, they learned about various plants and their significance in native lore, and assisted in pulling cork vine weeds.

Upon returning to school, the groups continued work on their project presentations and put finishing touches on their mural.


Along the way the group heard traditions of wahi pana (storied places), efforts to protect the remnant native dry-forest, and visited the platform of Keahiakawelo.