Upon return to the LHES classroom, the students were joined by 25 students from Maui (Pa‘ia Youth Center), and greeted Uncle Moses Goods and Aunty Kahulu Malu‘o.


He then took the students on a journey through time, from Kaunolū and Kāne‘āpua, Lāna‘i to Kahiki (the ancestral home land of the gods and people of Hawai‘i), by telling the Lāna‘i-based story of Kāne‘āpua.



The evening of the 22nd, Maui Arts and Cultural Center and Lāna‘i CHC hosted a community performance by Moses Goods at the LHES Cafeteria (Mahalo to Principal, Elton Kinoshita), attended by 60 residents and program students. Nui ke aloha…

Students asked questions about theater, acting and how Native Hawaiian traditions were researched. Uncle Moses shared that if Native Hawaiians do not engage in telling their stories, others will, so it is important to learn your traditions and to tell your own stories of your community.

The group was planning to head up to Lāna‘i Hale for the day, but heavy rains during the night, made the road unpassable. Instead they spent some time reviewing Lāna‘i eco-systems and traditional knowledge of wao (environmental zones).They then departed to for Hi‘i to discuss ethnobotany, native forest systems and loss of bio-diversity.

Uncle Moses explained how he got involved in theater while he was a high school student on Maui, and it sparked an interest in him which has become his passion and profession.


Leaving Hi‘i, the group then traveled across Pālāwai Basin and went up to the Naha Trail Overlook and Pu‘u o Manu Heiau. They were introduced to the geology of Lāna‘i, routes of travel in traditional times, and the protection of traditional cultural properties.



All the students wanted more so Uncle Moses then shared the story of Kamapua‘a’s journey to Kahiki, and his battels with Ku‘īlioloa and Lonoka‘eho. Still wanting more, The students were then taking on the journey of Hāmumu, the Hawaiian whale rider. Everyone was left spell-bound and with more questions about the performing and creative arts. Mahalo nui no e ka Makuahine Kahulu Malu‘o (no MACC) a me Makua Moses Goods no kēia makana nui!



Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center partnered with the Maui Arts and Cultural Center in a presentation in traditional Hawaiian storytelling, and performing arts.

June 22, 2017 Day 9 – Hi‘i & pU‘U O MANU UPLANDS, AND MO‘OLELO hAWAI‘i WITH MOSES GOODS — E ‘Ike Hou iā Lāna‘i — Cultural Literacy Initiative