Celebrating the Filipino Legacy

on Lāna‘i

During his discussion about making the exhibit Kepā shared that historic photos were displayed without the names of the people listed. He asked the LFCC (Lāna‘i Filipino Community Council) members and larger Filipino community to help identify people in the photos, so that knowledge of our early community could be passed on to future generations.

Please contact the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center if you recognize anyone in the photos.

Fred Camero serenades the Sakada widows, “You Are My Sunshine.” Lāna'i Filipino Community Clubhouse rededication. January 7, 2017, Kepā Maly video.

On January 7, 2017, 200 Lāna‘i residents and friends (infants to 97 years old) gathered at the Lāna‘i Filipino Community Clubhouse to celebrate the renovation of the historic structure and to honor the elder Filipino residents who came to Lāna‘i to build a new life for themselves and their families. Their successes set the foundation for our lives today, and for those of the future generations who will call Lāna‘i home.

Only three of the original 1946 Sakada are still living, and five of their wives still call Lāna‘i home. The Sakada honorees were Fred & Rosita Camero, Alejandro & Maria Acorda Haban, Rosalino & Fortunata Mamaclay, Mrs. Hermenegilda Oliva (Florito Oliva), and Mrs. Natividad Tolentino (Dionisio Tolentino).

An additional 21 women who were later married to Sakada were also recognized on Saturday, and called to be photographed:

Maraming Salamat Po!

Sitting (left to right): Magdalena Costales (Restituto Costales, Sr.), Roberta Baldeviso (Constante Baldeviso), Zenaida Jaena  (Jose Jaena), Esmenia Galinato (Vicente Galinato), Macaria Barsatan (Elpidio Barsatan), ­Anastasia Caberto (Marcelino Caberto), Maria Dombriguez (Roman Dombriguez, Sr.), Angelita Maltezo (Victorio Maltezo), Presentacion Zarsoza (Mariano Zarsoza), Socorro Barnacha (Tito Barnacha).

Standing (left to right): Josefina Cayan (Juan Cayan), Linda Degamo (Victor Degamo, Sr.), Flora Ordonez (Alfredo Ordonez), Leticia Bueno (Secinando Bueno), Presentacion Pacada Racadio (Gerardo Pacada), Felipa Cabatu (Alfred Cabatu), Narcisa Alconcel (Valeriano Alconcel), Magdalena Quiocho (Gregorio Quiocho), Josephine Sequerra (Domingo Sequerra), Carlina Nartia (Antonio Narita), Cirila Gomington (Domingo Gomington).

With Much Appreciation and to honor of the Hawaiyano and Sakada who contributed to the socio-economic well-being of Lāna‘i.

Sponsors and Funding:
Consuelo Foundation
Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center
Pūlama Lāna‘i

Researched and Designed by:

Kepā and Onaona Maly

Historical Documentary Resources:

Belinda A. Aquino, PhD. (Center for Philippine Studies, UH Mānoa)
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Aurelio Del Rosario Family Collection
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Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center Oral History and Archival Collections
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Mahalo to Jean Sumagit, Noemi Barbadillo and Violeta Ballesteros for identifying elders in the photo. Photograph KIP_0270.