Between 1911 to 1934, George C. Munro oversaw ranching operations on Lāna‘i. Another facet of his job was the stabilization of the environment. He was a meticulous note keeper and passionate about documenting rare


native Hawaiian life forms.

Rick Towill with Executive Director, Kepā Maly.

In between 1911 to 1951 Munro kept detailed file card notes of his observations and thoughts of life on Lāna‘i. Rick Towill, George Munro’s great grandson recently donated the entire collection of original note cards to the care of the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center. This kind gift is a great resource for researchers and those interested in our island history. Mahalo a nui!

George C. munro collection

Sample of one of the thousands of original note cards from the George C. Munro Collection. October 27, 2016 Kepā Maly, photo, Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center.