​​​Class in session, October 3, 2013. Simon Tajiri, photo.

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our Basic Conversational Hawaiian language classes for adults. We have close to 40 participants and a waiting list which continues to grow.

On Oct. 3rd we learned about the Hawaiian alphabet, different forms of address, the times of day, and a few ‘ōlelo no‘eau of Lānaʽi.

E ola mau ka ‘ōlelo Hawaii! Sponsored by the Native Hawaiian Education Grant and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, I Mana Ka Lāhui. 

There will be a pre-class test and post-test focusing on knowledge and meaning of place names and traditions of Lānaʽi.There is no fee for this course. Pre-registration is required. To register contact Mikala or Simon at Lānaʽi Culture & Heritage Center.

Instructor, Kepā Maly, Executive Director, Lānaʽi Culture & Heritage Center.

For those of you registered for the class, if you happen to have an ukulele please bring it with you.

This program is being offered through a partnership of the Lānaʽi Culture & Heritage Center's "E Ike Hou Iā Lānaʽi" Native Hawaiian Education Act Grant awarded to the Lānaʽi Culture & Heritage Center and I Mana Ka Lāhui of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs; and is presented in conjunction with a Hawaiian language program being offered for students of Lānaʽi High & Elementary School.

Aloha kakou, Mahalo Lānaʽi for your quick signing up to participate in the "Beginning Conversational Hawaiian Language for Adults through Place Names and Traditions of Lānaʽi." We have reached our limit, class is closed.

Beginning Conversational Hawaiian Language for adults through place names and traditions of Lāna‘i