Mahalo nui to KUPU, and partners in bringing these resource conservation programs to our Lāna‘i youth.

Youth visit Kaupakuea. Photo, Tom Dye.

The Hawai‘i Youth Conservation Corps program, sponsored by Lāna‘i Resorts, LLC was held on Lāna‘i. The first day's project took 15 Lāna‘i youth, three team leaders, and resource people into the field at Kapiha‘ā and Kaupakuea. The crew spent four hours doing vegetation clean up in the ancient village site along the Kapiha‘ā Heritage Trail, and the remainder of the day in the field with archaeologist Tom Dye and colleagues learning about archaeology in and learning of our past at the ancient heiau of Kaupakuea. 

Cultural resources staff, Kepā Maly and Kaulana Kahoohalahala provide the youth with an overview of Lāna‘i’s history and care of cultural resources, and Nathan Divito (T.S. Dye & Colleagues), gave them an overview of archaeological research in the field.

KUPU LĀNA‘I Summer 2013

internship program