The work activities will be to clear trails through the different areas of the exclosure, grass removal, and cutting waiawī.

Mahalo nui! We look forward to future programs working with our community and partners to preserve and restore Lāna‘i's resources!

La Hana Stewardship


For information please contact Anela Evans  or La'i Hanog (808) 565-3301.

Thank you again for your commitment to preservation, stewardship, and sustainability on Lāna'i.

The Koa Forest is a 5-acre fenced plot that protects several ancient native Acacia koa trees and several hundred saplings. The fence was installed and the land cleared in 2012 of all vegetation except for those kupuna trees, and some of the four year old keiki are now 15 feet tall! While the fence has been maintained and in places upgraded, dense grasses and waiawī (strawberry guava) have re-established in places. The vision for this area is to encourage koa regrowth by keeping axis deer excluded from the young, vulnerable trees and to plant other native species that complement koa at this climate, elevation and location; and to facilitate access and interpretive information forschool groups and the general public for education and recreation.

September 10, 2016 — koa forest