This photo, taken before the Viela and Eharis families moved into their homes shows where the houses are situated on Lāna'i Ave. In 1956 and 1957 the Eharis and Viela families took up residence in the two houses leased to MECO by HAPCo. The third house, was the home of Roy Okamotos family (Roy and Kay were unable to attend the gathering today).

The houses served the families well and were the scene of many memorable events. Because of age and lack of maintenance over the last 15 years, the homes were deemed uninhabitable and will be taken down. Pūlama Lāna‘i will be building new houses in the same design and style in their place.

August 26, 2014.

Today members of the Eharis and Viela families gathered at their old family homes on Lāna‘i Avenue to share memories of life when Solomon "Mona" Viela and John Eharis worked for MECO, and the 'ohana lived in a couple of the very first houses built as a part of the HAPCo plantation effort. 

Lāna‘i avenue homes