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Lānaʻi Guide Enhancements 

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Developed in 2016, the Lānaʻi Guide app serves as a free, comprehensive guide resource for students, local community members, visitors, and those who simply wish to gain more knowledge about the island. The app features significant cultural and historic sites on Lānaʻi, including storied places as Waiaʻōpae Fishpond, Kaunolū Heritage Complex, and Hiʻi Agricultural Heiau. 


Our project includes developing an object recognition feature into the app that would allow users to scan objects on display at Lānaʻi CHC and then view multimedia that would pop up. For example, a user could scan a pōhaku kuʻi ʻai (poi pounding stone) and a video of how poi is made would emerge on the screen. Additionally, we hope to link these artifacts with sites that people can visit, as we believe that our living classroom is in the landscape, with Lānaʻi CHC just as a starting point for an educational journey. The Lānaʻi Guide app has made sharing information more accessible, and the proposed enhancements will create a more engaging experience for users, who will hopefully be inspired to respectfully visit significant cultural and historical sites. For students, this feature creates an exciting tech opportunity that will get them engaged in learning about their island home and its rich history.


Our first priority is to ensure the protection of the cultural and historic sites on Lānaʻi. While we encourage community members and visitors to explore, both the mobile and web versions of the app remind users that cultural and natural resources are protected under federal and state law and to be respectful when visiting these sites. Our belief is that by providing informed access to Lānaʻi places, we are not only helping to educate residents about their environment but also encouraging mindfulness in visitors to the island. 


If you would like more information, please download the free Lānaʻi Guide App, available on Google Play and the App Store. Mahalo!

Lānaʻi Guide Debut

The newest version of the Lānaʻi Guide is now available for download on the App Store! Updates include a new object recognition feature that visitors can use to scan items in the museum. Multimedia then pops up--sharing more about how the objects are used and their significance. 


You can also view some of our new video content connected to the app on our YouTube Channel, which showcases how the artifacts in our museum are not remnants of an ancient past--they are a part of a living, breathing culture that is still actively practiced by many ʻohana. We hope you enjoy learning more about our rich history and culture.

E ola Lānaʻi a Kaululāʻau!

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