Developed in partnership with Pūlama Lāna‘i (the majority land owner on Lāna‘i), Phase 1 was made available in December 2015 in both Apple and Android formats, and is free of charge to all who are interested in learning more about Lāna‘i’s history (visit Google Play or the Apple Store). The app provides users with access to information covering the geology, natural history, Hawaiian settlement, traditions, and historic landscape of Lāna‘i. The app seeks to foster a growing ethic of respectful access to heritage (cultural and natural) resources, and includes numerous citations pertaining to preservation and perpetuation of knowledge of place.

​In May 2016, we partnered with Pūlama Lāna‘i which funded a second phase of the work to develop a web-based version of the app. Several additional points of interest were added, and on September 5th, 2016 the web site came on line at

If you would like to experience the “Lana‘i Guide” you may also follow the iPhone or Android links below.

For more information read this article (6 pages): Time Traveler — Using High Tech to Explore Lāna‘i's Distant Past (PDF) — Story by Kyle Ellison / Photography by Kyle & Heather Ellison, Maui No Ka 'Oi, March - April, 2016

This innovative tool has already been used in Lāna‘i High & Elementary School classes, and is an important resources for people who wish to research Lāna‘i’s history, and for those who are visited storied places on the island. The places integrated into the app and website are those where residents and visitors have traveled for decades. In the past, some of the human-place interactions have been detrimental to the well-being of the resources. Through the app and website, residents and visitors now have access to rich information and can make informed decisions on how to respectfully visit and learn of place.  

Lāna‘i Guide includes rich narratives on Lāna‘i's history, historic photos, videos and audio files, navigation and mapping tools. The app and website seek to foster a growing ethic of respectful access to heritage resources, and includes numerous citations pertaining to preservation and perpetuation of knowledge of place. Preservation of the legacy/bio-cultural landscape is directly tied to the value that residents and visitors associate with place. Cultural attachment to the honua ola (living environment) informs the way people treat the land.

One of the major initiatives of the Lāna‘i CHC is the development of programs that enrich the lives of residents and visitors on Lāna‘i. 

The Lāna‘i Guide has been designed as an interactive interpretive tool that engages residents and visitors in the spirit and history of place. It is our premise that good interpretation creates a sense of awareness and appreciation, which leads to an understanding of the bio-cultural landscape, and fosters an ethic of conservation and preservation. 

The App itself present valuable resource data in an innovative way with new technology through an application that makes the information available in the field. Because the information can also be accessed remotely from anywhere on earth, visitors, students and researchers may also plan their time on Lāna‘i — visit the endemic dryland forest at Kānepu‘u, engage in heritage site stewardship at Waia‘ōpae Fishpond, in Maunalei Valley, where ancient lo‘i kalo are once again being made productive, or work in the watershed forest of Lāna‘i Hale. While engaging in meaningful programs, participants also experience the history of place and delve into the cultural attachment of those who have called Lāna‘i home over the last 800-plus years.

One area of program emphasis is outreach and improving access to the tangible and intangible heritage of Lāna‘i. To that end, Lāna‘i CHC applied for a grant from the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority-Natural Resources Program of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation. In 2015, the grant was awarded and late 2016 we engaged Maui-based Koa IT ( to initiate development of a GPS Web-enabled App which is designed to connect residents and visitors with the rich bio-cultural legacy landscape of Lāna‘i. 

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