A review of all conveyances (Bureau of Conveyances – State of Hawai‘i) from the Island of Lāna‘i, recorded in the books (Liber) for the years between 1845 to 1961 was conducted by Kepā and Onaona Maly as a part of a documentary study for Lāna‘i. Records from Grantor and Grantee volumes of the Bureau of Conveyances were researched, and all records identified as being from Lāna‘i, including sixty four (64) documents translated for the first time from the original Hawaiian texts to English, have were transcribed. 

While the Grantor/Grantee volumes covering Lāna‘i, Maui, Moloka‘i and Kaho‘olawe, date from 1845, the earliest record of land title found in the volumes from Lāna‘i was dated March 31, 1860. Land records for the period from 1845 to 1859 are generally covered under the Māhele ‘Āina (Land Division), which established fee-simple property rights in the Hawaiian Islands, or by issuance of Royal Patent Grants on lands taken from the Government land inventory. 

This Lāna‘i land history document provides readers with key points of the records, without the extensive repetition of the recital as recorded in the original documents. The citations include the following documentation: 

(1)     Who entered into the agreement; 
(2)     When the agreement was made; 
(3)     The type of action (lease, sale, or other); 
(4)     What and where the property or action is found; 
(5)     Conditions and how sum was paid; and 
(6)     Family documentation.

Documents originally recorded in the Hawaiian language were translated by Kepā Maly, as a part of this undertaking. These translations like those recorded in English generally include verbatim excerpts of key points of the conveyances, skipping the repetition of clauses, conditions and circumstances of the instruments.L

Lāna‘i Conveyances: Records of Land Title

And Genealogical Descent (1860-1961)