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Physical Exhibits

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Kodomo No Tame Ni:
Honoring Lānaʻi's Japanese Community

The story of Lānaʻi remains incomplete without chapters dedicated to its Japanese community. Across decades, their contributions have been instrumental in shaping both the island itself and the closely-knit community that defines Lānaʻi still today.

Our first ever temporary exhibit explores the history of our Japanese community and seeks to honor the foundations they laid and lives they established here on Lānaʻi. They were instrumental in the development of modern infrastructure on the island, a lasting testament to their skilled craftsmanship. In a newly-built town, far from the shores of Japan, they honored their traditions and culture while continuing to demonstrate resourcefulness and innovation.

Translated as “for the sake of the children,” Kodomo no tame ni acknowledges the necessary sacrifices made to forge a brighter future for the next generation. The Issei who came to Lānaʻi left everything behind in search of better lives for themselves and their families. In spite of the hardships of starting a new life in a foreign land, surviving the Great Depression, and enduring anti-Japanese sentiment during World War II, Japanese immigrants created a vibrant community and an enduring legacy for their children.

Kodomo no tame ni serves as not merely a phrase but a collective reminder of our responsibility to nurture and care for our community. Lānaʻi Culture & Heritage Center is humbled to present this exhibit in honor of our Japanese community, past and present, and their many contributions to our beloved island. Let us look toward their examples of work ethic and skill, sense of obligation to community, and resilience as guides of the legacy we leave for the sake of the children. 

At our museum, have two main exhibits showcasing artifacts with different facets of Lānaʻi including Hawaiian culture, the rachning and the pineapple plantation eras. Kala mai, our physical museum remains closed due to limited staff capacity. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to view our virtual video tour below.

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