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Lānaʻi Culture and Heritage Center's student program celebrates island's culinary traditions: E ʻIke Hou īa Lānaʻi

July 2024 – Lāna‘i Culture and Heritage Center’s two-week cultural immersion program was a success. The center’s longest standing program taught students about the island’s rich culture and history. This year’s program for students, 6th grade and up, focused on sustainable practices and the culinary and cultural traditions of Hawaiians. Skills-based learning included experiences that promote the bond between life and land. Students planted sowed seeds to start a home garden, participated in the slaughter of deer from the landscape, learning how to fish sustainably and more. Students also learned how to cook in an imu featuring locally sourced food and deer with Pā ‘ina during the night.

Watch the video here.

The summer program E ʻIke Hou iā Lānaʻi opens enrollment every summer and welcomes children from the island and across the state.

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