Mahalo nui! The generosity of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and its partners means a great deal to us here on Lāna‘i, and allows us to engage in activities that might otherwise not be possible.

“E ho‘ohanohano ana i ka wā ma mua, a e ho‘olako ana i ka mua aku!”
(Honoring the past, and enriching the future!)

The Hawai‘i Commnuity Foundation and Funding Partners:

Robert Emens Black Fund
Group 70 Foundation Fund
Susan M. Kosasa Fund
Lāna‘i Community Benefit Fund

Awarded the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center a Flex Grant, which was created to provide unrestricted funding to high-performance nonprofits. The FLEX grants are offered to support nonprofits in various areas, and aren’t restricted to a specific program.

program grants

2017 FLEX Grant Awarded to the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center

The Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center is largely supported by donations to Nā Hoaloha o Lāna‘i (a Friends Giving Organization), grants and donations

of family foundations, such as the Agape Foundation Charitable Trust, and daily donations by visitors. In kind donations for bookkeeping, cultural interpretation, executive director, volunteer docents, transportation, housing, artifact storage, and consultation/program workers are extremely important to the operation of Lāna‘i CHC.

The friends giving organization typically generates around $20,000.00 a year, with an additional c. $10,00.00 a year in donations made by visitors who make contributions in the museum box. To date, four board members have also made donations (totaling $27,000.00 at the time of writing) to a newly developed Lāna‘i Heritage Fund Endowment. We are currently exploring options for substantial development of the fund, and development of an investment strategy. 

In addition to two key fund raising events in 2009 and 2012, key program donors (contributions and grants) between 2007 to 2016 include: 

2007: Foundational grant donated through Ho‘opa‘a i ka Na‘auao (family and friends of Kepā and Onaona Maly). 

2008-2010: The Office of Hawaiian Affairs Grant for capital improvements and program operations in the development of the current facility operated out of the former Dole Administration Building. Funding also support development of an oral history video program, and stewardship of heritage resources in the field. 

2009: Maui County Office of Economic Development/Hawaii Tourism Authority Product Enrichment Grant for Kapiha‘ā Trail development.

2009-2012: John Mumford’s Agape Charitable Foundation grants to support program operations and stewardship of Island resources. 

2010: Office of Hawaiian Affairs grant to support interpretive staff position at Lāna‘i CHC. 

2010-2011: Office of Hawaiian Affairs grant to cover development of a cultural impact assessment study and ethnography for the northwestern region of Lāna‘i. 

2010-2015: Grant from the Island Insurance Foundation in support of a plantation family oral history program. 

2012-2015: Grant from U.S. Department of Education Grant to support development and implementation of Place-Based Curriculum and Cultural Literacy Initiatives (Including Summer Field School and Stewardship Projects) for students of Lāna‘i High & Elementary School. 

2014-2015: Grant from Hawai‘i Community Foundation/Hawai‘i Tourism Authority for development of phase 1 of the Lāna‘i Guide GPS Web-enabled App. 

2013-Present: Significant in-kind support from Pūlama Lāna‘i for programs that engage community members (including students), and island visitors in a wide range of educational/interpretive and stewardship programs. 

2015-2016: Grant from Hawai‘i Community Foundation/Hawai‘i Tourism Authority for implementation of the 2016 Summer Cultural Literacy Camp for Lāna‘i students (grades 7-12).