Mike & Kathy Carroll.

16x20 fine art print "Setting Sun" framed in solid Koa wood (this is the image Kuana Torres Kahele used on the Lāna‘i CD).

Value - $225.00

Opening Bid - $110.00


Kehau Watson & Matthew Sproat. Curly Koa Jewelry Box, handmade by Matthew Sproat. Square 6 inches x 6 inches high.

Value - $300.00

Opening Bid - $150.00


Sea of Cortes Cruise Vacation.

Value - $4,000.00

Opening Bid - $2,000.00

Buy It Now - $4,600.00

Un-Cruise Adventures. Sea of Cortes Cruise Vacation.


Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center. Set of Two Modern Art Pineapple Prints.

Value - $125.00

Opening Bid - $60.00


Lāna‘i Wood Workers. Wood Carved Relief Scene of Lāna‘i Island with Whales, Frigate Birds and Pu‘u Pehe Islet (Carved by Brandon Aveganlio). 9 feet long by 26 inches high at peak.

Value - 1,200.00

Opening Bid - $600.00

Buy It Now - $1,380.00


Kehau Watson & Matthew Sproat.  Original Art "Young Hawaiian Woman" in Koa Frame. 18" x 20"

Value - $150.00

Opening Bid - $75.00


Kaua'i Museum. Kaua'i Museum Collection. Three Blank Note Books, Hawaiian Wooden Post Cards, Guide to Ha'aheo, Cap with Koa Brim, Mailelani Manapua Bag.

Value - $136.80

Opening Bid - $70.00


Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center. Set of Lāna‘i Books, Map, T-shirt and Kuana CD. Lāna‘i Folks— E ‘Ike Hou Iā Lāna‘i, Lāna‘i City Tour, & Map of Lāna‘i (Munro), in Aloha Lāna‘i Recycle Bag.

Value - $75.00

Opening Bid - $45.00


Mahalo everyone for your great support of the Lāna‘i Ka‘ula cultural workshops, benefit concert and silent auction was overwhelming. A blessing to have so many old friends and new friends join us at Four Seasons Resort Lāna'i for a magical concert and day of activities! Nui ke aloha iā Kuana, Marc, Ioane, Glenn and Tehani! Silent Auction was a super success every item was bid on.

Noelani & Paul Pomroy. Cup & Saucer Style Lauhala Hat With Pin. Made by Margaret Lovett of Kaua‘i.

Value - $300.00

Opening Bid - $150.00


Alicia Blackwell. “Pu‘u Pehe Sunset” Natural Fiber Tapestry.

Value - $65.00

Opening Bid - $32.50


Maunalei Valley was host to the only perennial stream on Lāna‘i, and was the only place where lo‘i kalo (taro pond fields) occurred on island. In the 1870s, elder residents told visitors at the time, that the valley once produced enough kalo, sweet potatoes and other resources to feed 1,000 people. In the early 1900s water from Maunalei was tapped to supply the ranch needs, and in 1924, Dole’s Hawaiian Pineapple Company, tapped the water to supply Lāna‘i City.

Cheryl McElfresh. Original Watercolor Painting "Awapuhi Melemele" in Solid Koa Wood Frame. 9 inches high by 11 inches wide.

Value - $195.00

Opening Bid - $75.00


Ben Kaaikala. Hand carved, Kua Kapa (Silver Oak) and I‘e Kuku (Eucalyptus). Kapa Making Tools.

Value - $400.00

Opening Bid - $200.00 


Cory Labang. Fabric zippered bag made from various vintage Hawaiian fabrics.

Value - $90.00

Opening Bid - $45.00


Bill Dierssen. 16x20" Photograph of Owl in Flight. Value - $80.00

Opening Bid - $40.00


Kaunolū-Keālia Kapu Heritage Complex and Hi‘i Heiau and Dryland Agricultural Field System. The leeward coast of Lāna‘i was host to the religious, political, social center of ancient Lāna‘i. In the uplands of the Kaunolū-Kalulu region, is found one of the mountain temples of ancient Lāna‘i’s the remains of the dryland agricultural field system that once fed the people of Lāna‘i. 

silent auction — mahalo everyone!

Kepā Maly. Ni'ihau Shell Earrings.

Value - $110.00

Opening Bid - $55.00


Bradley Bunn.  28" x 22" Glass Photo Print of Pu‘u Pehe Islet and Bay with Haleakalā in Background.

Value - $200.00

Opening Bid - $100.00.


Momi Suzuki.  Hale Moe B&B and Island Home. Enjoy a stay for two nights and three days (Friday - Sunday).  Beautiful three bedrooms and three bath home.

Value - $800.00

Opening Bid - $400.00


Kehau Watson & Matthew Sproat. Keiki Hula Package. T-shirts, booklets and DVD.

Value - $50.00

Opening Bid - $20.00


Warren Osako. Handcrafted Lāna‘i Wood Wine Bottle and Glass Rack with Bottle of Wine and Two Glasses.

Value - $300.00

Opening Bid - $150.00


Pamela Pilialoha Alconcel.  Large canvas printed photo of Navy Vessel YOGN-42. Wrecked on Lāna‘i's "Shipwreck" coastline in 1954. Photograph  by Pierce Myers.

Value - $150.00

Opening Bid - $75.00


Karin Panui. 3 (Three) Manapua bags. Karin Panui of Mailelani on Kaua'i.

Value - $40.00 each

Opening Bid - $20.00 each

(45) (46) (47)

Aunty Violet Johns. Two quilt patchwork baby comforters, one pink one blue, with colorful prints and fleece backing.

Value - $60.00 ea

Opening Bid - $30.00

(37) (38)

Arcadia Family of Companies through Sheila Black. 3 Arcadia bags, each with history book and cook-book, nick-nacks and $100.00 in Pine Isle Gift Certificates. (No Photo)

Value - $150.00

Open Bid - $75.00

(18) (19) (20)

Sheila Black. Hand-carved, Vintage Hawaiian Coconut Buttons on Original Card. John A. Oya & Co.

Value - $60.00

Opening Bid - $30.00


Mike & Kathy Carroll.

18x24 original oil painting "Endless Waves at Pu‘upehe" framed in solid Koa wood.

Value - $3,200.00

Opening Bid - $1,600.00

Buy It Now - $3,680.00


Craig Mason. Lāna‘i Milo Wood ‘Umeke (traditional style Hawaiian Calabash). Made from Milo wood collected at Hulopo’e, Lana’i (from a tree that had been previously cut down. For 30 years, all Craig’s wood work has been made from recovered wood. No trees have been cut down as a part of his work.

3 inches high, 6 inches across.

Value - $240.00

Opening Bid - $120.00


Noelani & Paul Pomroy. Hand designed Kukui Nut Earrings (handmade by Kaua'i artist Nicole DuPont, who retired from creating these years ago). Four sets three valued at

$50.00 each, Opening Bid - $25.00 (each)

Polished Set valued at $80.00, Opening Bid - $40.00

(33) (34) (35) (36)

Kehau Watson & Matthew Sproat. Original Art "Tutu" in Koa Frame.

Artist - Roland Roy 20" x 24"

Value - $150.00

Opening Bid - $75.00


M. Kapua Weinhouse. Handcrafted necklace and earrings. Puka shells from Awalua and Polihua, sterling silver and turquoise.

Value - $375.00

Opening Bid - $187.50


Keōmoku Village – Maunalei Sugar Company and the Windward Coast of Lāna‘i. The windward region of Lāna‘i was once a primary residence of native Hawaiians. Protected reef fisheries, fishpond and crops cultivated on the land fed the population. In the 1890s Keōmoku was established as the heart of the Maunalei Sugar Company. Visit the ruins of the mill, an old locomotive and a few other features which remain from the historic era.

Sheila Black. 1 set of Hula ʻUlīʻulī.

Value - $45.00

Opening Bid - $30.00


Sheila Black. Hawaiian Quilt "ʻUlu" Wall Hanging
Value - $145.00
Opening Bid - $75.00


Barbara McIntyre. Antique (ca. 1870s) Blue & White Chinese Ginger Jar.

Value - $495.00

Opening Bid - $250.00


Ron Daniels. Kāhili Pa‘a Lima (Hand-held Feather Standard) on Stand.

Value - $140.00

Opening Bid - $70.00


Ben Kaaikala.  Decorative I‘e Kuku. Kapa Beater made from Lāna‘i Koa.

Value - $90.00

Opening Bid - $45.00


Hawaiian Quilt Wall Hanging by Sheila Black.

Value - $145.00

Opening Bid - $75.00


Kepā & Onaona Maly. 2 nights, three days at Hale Ho‘omaha o Lāna‘i Bed and Breakfast.

Value - $400.00

Opening Bid - $200.00


Anela Evans. Upcycled vegan leather and exclusive Kaunaʻoa fabric clutch–purse.
One of a kind.

Value - $80.00

Opening Bid - $40.00