Sharing short video tours from our You Tube channel of students visit to Waia‘ōpae  from Kameleonalani Mano-Nakooka, Maile Laporga and Kaimana Riel and also to Maunalei from Kealohi Burgess, Kealoha Kahananui and Kamaile Mano. Filming and Editing by Hope Shin, Gabby Shin & Kaimana Riel.

The Lāna'i CHC - NHE sponsored programs are developing culturally relevant, place-based curriculum (covering a wide range of educational fields), and have begun opening the doors for our students to a new world of experiential learning. We believe that in the process of engaging our students in learning experiences that connect them to place, and who they are in their communities, we will set the foundation for a wide universe of education. Nationally, communities are finding the old "one room school house," three "Rs" approach to education has become irrelevant. Times have changed and unimaginable new resources are available. Lāna'i CHC and many education partners are working to provide students with meaningful, life inspiring learning opportunities. The work done by our staff, board members, and many community partners provides us with tools to develop meaningful, life inspiring learning. 

At the end of the three week program students, teachers, parents, and guests gathered for a hō'ike (presentation of group experiences). Highlights of the hō'ike included viewing a student produced mini documentary film, student presentations on their areas of research, and receiving certificates of recognition from Senator Brian Schatz. 

The 2014 E 'Ike Hou iā Lānaʻi Summer Enrichment Program sponsored through the Native Hawaiian Education Act (NHEA) Grant to Lāna‘I Culture & Heritage Center wrapped up at the end of June. On Thursday, August 14th, students and staff gathered at Lāna‘i High & Elementary School to close the 2013-2014 program. Students received certificates of completion from Senator Brian Schatz and Mayor Alan Arakawa. Among the comments shared by our elected officials was their appreciation to the students for stepping up to learn about and care for Lānaʻiʻs wahi pana (storied places). Students also received the 2014 program t-shirt, with a design depicting the living ahupua‘a ecosystem with water flowing from mountain to lowlands through the Maunalei kalo lands. The shirt was designed by Kaulana Kaho‘ohalahala and printed by Lanakila Pacific. 

Pictured from Left to Right: Kayci Kaopuiki, Anela Fernandez, Cherie Malacas, Caroline Stuck, Ryan Amby, Kahealani Ganer-Eskaran, Kealoha Kahananui, and Derec Kahananui. Not shown: Leimari Bacalso. Photo: Simon Seisho Tajiri, Aug. 14, 2014.

As a part of the 2014 E 'Ike Hou iā Lānaʻi Summer Enrichment Program, upper level Lāna‘i HES students participated in an English 100 college course offered through the University of Hawaiʻi, Maui College. Native Hawaiian scholar, Jamaica Osorio taught the students, who engaged in a wide range of activities in both English and Hawaiian language to connect the learning experience to Lāna‘i.

Pictured. First row, left to right: Michelle Fujie(Curriculum Development), Kaimana Mano, Adrianna Sanchez, Naupaka Borders, Kayci Kaopuiki, Anela Fernandez, Cherie Malacas, Caroline Stuck, Maile Laporga, Kahealani Ganer-Eskaran, Lehia Koanui, Liana Koanui, Kamele Mano, Shelly Preza (NHE Intern/Student Coordinator). Second row, left to right: Abigail Sandi, Alika Tan, Sophia Lim, Ryssen Kahananui, Kealoha Kahananui, Kaimana Riel, Ryan Amby, Derek Kahananui, Joseph Nohara, Brian Kaopuiki, Hiilani Mano, Zachary Holsomback (Training Facilitator). Not shown:
Leimari Bacalso, Kealohi Burgess, Kehaulani Esteban, Kamaile Mano, Kaiholena Ohashi, and Hokupaa Stokes. Photo: Simon Seisho Tajiri, Aug. 14, 2014. See article published in
Mana Magazine, Nov. 2014

The photos below provide you with a glimpse into the three week cultural literacy programs, participants and supporting partners.

​​​​​​This summer the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center (Lāna‘i CHC) offered a three-week field school in Hawaiian Lifestyles, Archaeology, Marine Biology, Watershed Environments, Stewardship opportunities, and Literature for students, grades 6-12, June 9 - 27, 2014.

An overview of group activities participated in by students may be seen in the student produced video below. Students worked under the direction of Anthony Kaauamo Pacheco, and learned about the technologies available to them and documenting events.

The work done this school year 2013-2014 sets the foundation for the 2014-2015 place-based curriculum activities. The next program will include the development of student recommendations on how we can manage our island resources to care for cultural sites, solve erosion problems, and restore land, ocean and water to a healthy balance. 

This program is made possible by the Native Hawaiian Education Act Grant, and the support of many community partners, including Lāna‘i High & Elementary School, Pūlama Lāna‘i, Hawai‘i Pacific University, SEA Education Association, University of Hawai‘i — Maui College, Honua Consulting, Queen Lili‘uokalani Children’s Center, and many kama‘āina volunteers.​ 


LĀNA‘I'S history through language

and literacy​​ native hawaiian education

program, Summer 2014