Weller & T. Tran

Washington D.C.

"Fascinating trip through the history of Lanai."

G. Hughes & D. Doelson

New York

"What a wonderful transformation you've made here; a pleasure to visit again."

R. & S. West


"Very informative & great displays. Exceptional hosts! Thank you."

J. Con


"Great information & enjoyed the displays."

W. & D. Figuera

Kapolei, Hawaii

"Two days of visiting and reading, well spent!"

A. A. Tanodra

Kihei, Maui

"We are so blessed to have our roots here on Lanai! Aloha!"

N. Etrata

Lanai City

"Beautiful to see our History!"

D. & F. Anderson

Portland, Oregon

"Very informative and welcoming. Beautiful artifacts."

L. Lee


"Lovely tribute to our ancestors."

S. & M. Baron-Taltle

"Wonderful educational exhibits especially enjoyed the old poster and the octopus lure. Thank you!"

J. & D. Morgan

Owexton, KY

"Very interesting & educational. Mikala was very helpful & a great hostess!"

K. & C. Meyer

Philomath, Oregon

"Very interesting and well presented! Old pineapple fields were beautiful.”

S. Fuller & R. Liebaur

“Excellent depth of knowledge & presentation. What a rich addition this is to our Lanai visit. Mahalo.”

R. Elias

Kailua, Oahu 

“I like the atmosphere of the museum. Beautiful! I really like the shells ;-)”

H. Mosher

Punahou, Oahu 

“Wonderful Museum with a great collection and presentation.”

H. & E. Hussey

“Mahalo to Albert for sharing the stories of Lanai with us!”

L. & J. Matsuoka (with Koa and Kapono)

Honolulu, O‘ahu

“Ua hiki mai ke ala a me ke aloha i Lanai. E o mai!”

B. & S. Fraser

“Thank you for having a location to find out about island people and history.”

J. Jameson

Honolulu, Hawaii

Wish Lanai could remain as is.”

E. and H. Openshaw


“Really super experience – learned such a lot. And thanks for the music.”

D. Rozell

Portland, Oregon

“Picked pineapple here summer of ’65. Good to see artifacts from the days of the pineapple island.”

J. & J. Kant

Pittsburgh, PA

“Wonderful resource for the community and beyond. Highlight of our visit.”

K. & P. Kupchack

Honolulu, Hawaii

“So little time, so well displayed. We will return and return to this island.”

J. Schmidt

Seabury Hall, Maui

“What a tribute to a remarkable history.”

K. Inouye

Honolulu, Hawaii

“Fond memories of Lanai and Lanaians.”

A. & P. Gregory

“A very informative exhibit and many thanks for your honest commentary.”

L. & A Streshin

Whistler B.C. Canada

“It is so important to document your history. Fascinating! Mahalo!”

J. Holland

Honolulu, Hawaii“

What you are doing here is important. The love you show your community is contagious. All things good for you. Aloha.”

B. & V. Pascua

Waipahu, Hawaii

“Informative. Very rich history!! Our first visit though we’ve been to Lanai many, many times before.”

M. Aalau

“May this wonderful center thrive, & may all visitors & residents learn from Hawaiian culture.”

Y. Nager

“Amazing! A lot of information and divine guidance. It was never before so easy to get directions and guidance on this island. Grateful I am!”

G. Breeze

“Continue the great work. Need to expand. Restore Brown house as well as other homes.”


Palo Alto, California

“Best place to learn everything there is to know about the history of Lanai. To really understand this island visiting here is a must. They have a timeline showing the very beginnings of the Hawaiian Islands all the way to present days. There are many artifacts from early island life continuing to the Dole era and then to Castle & Cooke. We found it very informative and interesting. The young woman docent was well informed and told us many things we would never have known about Lanai. Our main question was, "what happened to the pineapple plantations?" Now we know, and so will you after your visit. Highly recommend going here.” (tripadvisor.com)

M. Felipe

Lanai City

“Mahalo for keeping the history of the island alive!”

K. & P. HarmanHilo, Hawaii

“Mahalo i ka oukou hana nui a maikai wale no. Lei ana o Lanai i ke aloha kanaka.”

M. Morita

Hanalei, Kauai

“Need more space! So much to see and learn about Lanai.”

N. Dixon


“Came in to introduce myself to Kepa, left blown away. The exhibits are nicely presented, and the information superb! Thanks for the effort invested in the center, the community, and Lanai’s culture!”

G. Caveness

San Antonio, Texas

“What an important facility to showcase Lanai!”

Ethington Family


“Wonderful museum. We had a great time looking at everything.”


Stanford, California

“Fantastic! I would highly recommend taking time to visit the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center. It is small and intimate and is located in the old Dole administration building. Many artifacts were donated by locals. Take a trip back in time to learn about the people and cultures which has made Lanai what it is today. Lanai, similar to other Hawaiian islands used for plantations, has a very interesting (and somewhat sad history) which added to the depth of our experience of the island. Since visiting, I have read a bit about Mr. Dole. Although forest was cleared to make way for pineapple fields (last harvest of pineapple was in 1992 as operations were moved overseas), he was a visionary nonetheless. He treated the laborers, who immigrated from various Asian countries, much better than the sugar cane plantation owners, which was a radical concept at that time. I would highly recommend stopping by for a visit.” (tripadvisor.com)

C. Kamata

Tokyo, Japan

“Tiny, but so great!”

J. & D. Daly

“Best ‘little’ museum we’ve seen.”

K. & K. Thompson

Kailua, Oahu

“It would be great to use the old Avery Truck as an attraction to the center.”

S. & J. Hind

Kailua, Kona“

So happy that you have put this together for everyone to learn.”

T. Morita

Maryland & Lanai

Thanks for the center! Helping me remember the heritage & culture again.”

Visitor comments & shared memories

Photo, Diane Preza, August 1, 2018

Photo, Diane Preza, August 1, 2018

Visit to the Lāna`i culture & heritage center

Sharing comments and photographs from visitors to the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center as recorded in our guest book and moments shared with us.

Another busy day at the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center. Today Diane Preza and Albert Morita shared Lāna‘i history and pineapple days with visitors who came a long in multiple shifts.

Thank you to the nursery family with Pūlama Lāna‘i, we once again have some pineapple growing outside in our museum garden and Albert cut to share with visitors. Albert shared great stories and history of pineapple. The guests asked many questions and we had the opportunity to share about our lives here on Lāna‘i.